uDig Support

Refractions Research provides support for enterprises developing applications based on uDig and GeoTools. Our staff have years of experience with practical issues in uDig development, the GeoTools library and community, and the Eclipse RCP environment:

  • Bundling uDig within an existing RCP application (uDig as plugin)
  • Bundling new functionality within uDig (uDig as framework)
  • Geotools datastores (adding new formats and databases)
  • Rendering pipelines (adding custom behavior to the uDig map)
  • SWT widgets (forms, views, tables and editors in Eclipse)


Plan Subscription Term Description
Enterprise Support $5000 1 Year Preferential access to our team during business hours, expertise and trouble-shooting, contact us for more information.

uDig Experience

Line Cleaner – BC Ministry of Forests

The British Columbia Ministry of Forests needed a tool to conflate multiple roads databases into a single working layer. Refractions delivered the algorithms and a user interface based on the uDig platform.

uDig Training Session – International Potato Center, Peru

The International Potato Center wanted to migrate their potato genetics modelling application to uDig and Eclipse RCP. Refractions prepared a one-week training course and delivered it on-site in Lima, Peru to a group of developers from around the world.

Open Web Services, Phase 3 – Open Geospatial Consortium

The Open Geospatial Consortium runs regular “testbed” projects to field-test new concepts in geospatial interoperability. Refractions was a part of the OWS-3 initiative, and built a uDig-based “GeoDSS” client to provide access to several other OGC standard services, including a prototype GeoVideo service.


Open Source Company

Refractions Research sponsors and develops uDig as an open source project in collaboration with developers from around the world. Visit the uDig open source community site at udig.refractions.net.

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