PostGIS 2.1.4 Release

September 10, 2014

The 2.1.4 release of PostGIS is now available.

The PostGIS development team is happy to release patch 2.1.4 for PostGIS. This is a patch release with minor bug fixes and some performance improvements.

Download source code here:


SMART 3 Release

July 31, 2014

Refractions Research, along with our partners in the SMART Partnership, comprised of CITES-MIKE, FZS, NCZ, Panthera, WCS, WWF, and ZSL, have developed version 3 of the SMART Conservation Software package.

A YouTube video that describes the overall project may be viewed here:


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We are the Geospatial Experts

We build data systems that add geographic-intelligence to business processes. Oracle, ESRI, Java, FME and more. We combine proprietary and open source components into innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients' problems.

Technology Mix

Geospatial Technology

We keep on top of the latest changes in enterprise spatial and web mapping technologies. Technologies from Google (Maps, Earth and KML), ESRI (ArcMap, SDE, and ArcIMS), and Oracle (IAS, Spatial, Designer, Database) are key components in the solutions we build.


We are not a vendor, and we recommend solutions that make the best use of your existing physical intellectual capital. A Refractions solution is technically sound, economically feasible, and long-term maintainable.

Open Source Experts

Refractions research is a world leader in open source geospatial technology. We develop the PostGIS spatial database and the uDig GIS desktop framework, and are active participants in many other open source projects.

PostGIS uDig

By using open source components, we can build geospatial systems that are flexible and inexpensive to deploy. Our clients like open source because it keeps costs down. We like open source because it gives us the freedom to innovate and build the best possible solutions.

Case Studies

Natural Language Spatial Search Engine for Rental Places-Rento

Natural Language Spatial Search Engine for Rental Places-Rento

Rento is a free web service that makes it easy to find a place to rent in Greece. Powered by PostgreSQL and PostGIS, it provides ad listings with photographs displayed on a map. Searching is accomplished through map navigation and natural language processing, with the search engine being capable of answering complex (spatial) questions such as "flat near the University of Athens" or "loft up to 800 euros near a metro station" (in greek).


Automated Route Planning for Meter Reading – City of Vancouver

Automated Route Planning for Meter Reading – City of Vancouver

The City of Vancouver collects water readings from thousands of residences and businesses, but has never optimized the pedestrian routes the readers take. Refractions developed algorithms to create the most efficient routes of the correct length for readers.


Hectares BC – Biodiversity BC on behalf of a broad partnership of partners

Hectares BC – Biodiversity BC on behalf of a broad partnership of partners

Biodiversity BC and its government and non-government partners were looking for regional-level environmental statistics. Refractions proposed a new approach to generating GIS summaries, using the power of a relational database and web tools to provide GIS analysis to users who previously had no access to it.


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