Geoserver is an open source Geospatial web services engine. Geoserver takes requests from web clients, like browsers or thick clients (e.g. uDig), and responds with geospatial information from GIS files, or databases, or rasters.

Geoserver provides full support for Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, including:

  • Web Feature Server (WFS) and Transactional Web Feature Server (WFS-T). Usinga WFS-T server like Geoserver and a WFS-T client like uDig, you can edit features in a spatial database over the web!
  • Web Map Server (WMS). Geoserver renders extremely attractive maps, using the Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) standard to control feature styling, and the Java graphics libraries to provide high-quality anti-aliased maps.
  • KML for Google Earth. Geoserver can generate KML output from databases and files on the fly, allowing Google Earth to browse geospatial data in real time.
  • Tiled Maps. Geoserver can create tiled maps, and serve them out to clients like Open Layers, for an interactive map viewing experience.

Open Source Community

Refractions contributes to Geoserver as a co-developer with other companies and programmers from around the world.

Visit the Geoserver open source community site at