PostGIS Support

Refractions Research provides support for enterprises developing applications based on PostGIS / PostgreSQL. Our staff have years of experience with practical issues in spatial database development and deployment:

  • Large scale spatial databases (10M rows and up)
  • High load spatial databases (multiple updates per second
  • High reliability installations (replication and clustering)
  • Multi-dimensional spatial databases (3- and 4-dimensions)
  • Spatial data modeling (very large data models)


Plan Subscription Term Description
Enterprise Support $5000 1 Year Preferential access to our team during business hours, expertise and trouble-shooting, contact us for more information.

PostGIS Experience

Parcel Mapping System – Los Angeles Unified School District

Refractions helped LAUSD add a mapping component to their OpenACS content management system. LAUSD had built an infrastructure tracking solution in OpenACS, but needed a mapping component, Refractions delivered one using open source components that integrated with the LAUSD technology.

PostGIS Implementation Advice – SANZ / EarthWhere

Refractions helped SANZ tune their database design and database queries to provide maximum performance and flexibility for their EarthWhere application suite.

Open Source Web Mapping Pilot – AT&T Wireless

AT&T Wireless needed to roll out web map services to a public audience, but their proprietary software was too slow and expensive to scale up. Refractions built a pilot project on open source software and free data that demonstrated a 10-fold performance increase and no licensing overhead.


Open Source Company

Refractions sponsors and develops PostGIS as an open source project in collaboration with developers from around the world. Visit the PostGIS open source community site at

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