Cutting-edge geospatial technology

Refractions is always keeping an eye on the future of technology, while delivering solid systems built on the tools of the present. Our expertise runs from commercial off-the-shelf components and services from companies like Oracle, ESRI, Google, Microsoft and Autodesk, to open source software like Mapserver, Geoserver, OpenLayers, PostGIS, uDig and Eclipse.

Oracle & Oracle Spatial

Oracle Spatial

Oracle is the industry-leading relational database, and Oracle Spatial is a solid product to build a geospatial application with. Refractions has substantial experience with Oracle implementations, working for government clients who have standardized on the Oracle platform, including Oracle IAS, Oracle database, and Oracle Designer..

Our Oracle experience...



Refractions has been working with the ESRI product suite and building applications since our beginnings in 1997. The ESRI product set – including ArcGIS, ArcView, ArcSDE, ArcIMS, and ArcServer – is widely used by our clients. ESRI tools are great for analytical GIS, cartographic production and some enterprise GIS purposes.

Our ESRI experience...

Google Maps & Google Earth


The Google mapping tools, Google Maps and Google Earth, have revolutionized the process of building online geospatial applications – with a basemap and all the basic map navigation provided by Google, the application developer can concentrate on the core value needed by the client. Refractions has been using the Google APIs and KML format in our applications since they became available, and believe this technology represents the future of geospatial data access.

Our Google experience...

PostGIS, Mapserver & OpenLayers

Mapserver PostGIS

Refractions has years of expertise in open source geospatial systems, as a system integrator, and as a core contributor to open source software. We have built open source systems for clients, evaluated open source alternatives, and enhanced open source projects for our clients. OpenLayers We are the primary developer of the PostGIS spatial database, and a contributor to the GeoTools, GeoServer, and Mapserver projects.

Our PostGIS experience...

Eclipse RCP

Eclipse RCP

The Eclipse “Rich Client Platform” (RCP) is the application framework that IBM uses for all its development tools, including the Rational suite. Refractions uses Eclipse RCP for the uDig desktop GIS framework, and has amassed considerable experience building applications with this technology. We have built RCP applications for corporate and government clients, both using the uDig libraries, and as non-spatial applications.

Our Eclipse RCP experience...