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PostGIS 3.2.1 Released

Feb 12, 2022

SMART 7 Released

Nov 29th, 2021

PostGIS 3.1.4 Released

Sept 9, 2021

PostGIS 3.0.1 Released

Feb 20, 2020

Arc3WMS Extension for ArcView 3.X

Refractions Research today released the second beta of the Arc3WMS extension for ESRI's ArcView™ 3.X product. Arc3WMS allows ArcView users to view OpenGIS "web map services" directly within a live ArcView session. Using Arc3WMS, it is possible to directly view continent wide LandSat and orthophotography without downloading any data. Just point the Arc3WMS extension at a server holding the data!

Go to the Arc3WMS site to download a free test copy of the extension today!